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Not only for eggs... Water glass is used for the preservation of eggs...this is probably the answer you most often get when you ask someone how to use water glass in the household.

A lot more practical and affordable usage of water glass is an addition into concrete, fire-resistant coatings, as an addition into heat-resistant fire-clay compounds used for mending of stove and fireplace lining, for the protection of wood against decomposition, water, termites, wood-worms and for the impregnation of natural materials, asbestos and fiberglass. 

Water glass used as an addition into concrete accelerates its hydration – it reaches the initial solidity more rapidly. Thus the concrete solidifies quickly. We recommend trying the mixture in proportion 1 to 100 first and then adding sequentially up to 5 % of the capacity. Important warning: it is necessary to prepare thinner compound. Furthermore, it improves water resistance and absorbability of concrete whereby lowering the risk of crumbling and increasing its operating lifetime. As an example of the usage of water glass as an addition into concrete we can mention industrial construction of underground railroads, tunnels, concrete foundations of buildings etc. 

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